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for early-stage legal and risk technology

Advisory Services

LexGen Ventures provides advisory services for early-stage firms in the legal, risk, and compliance technology industries.

Market Sizing: Projected User Count

Opportunity Analysis

Understand and analyze the opportunity

You may have a new #legaltech idea, but have you rigorously examined how it fits the current landscape of customers and product or service offerings? We can help you set realistic expectations and identify potential risks from the start.

Product-Market Fit
Business Opportunity Analysis
Market Sizing and Trends
Market Barriers
Competitive Analysis


Assess and articulate a vision

Once you've decided to start down the path to build your #risktech business, you need a plan. We can help you assess, develop, and articulate your visions into concrete programs.

Marketing and Brand Strategy
Data Strategy
Staffing and Management
Growth and Profitability
Program Development
Exit and Sustainability

Marketing Channel Mix

Board and Executive Placement

Putting the team in team

A seasoned board, well-matched co-founders, and experienced executives can supercharge your legal technology startup. We can find the right team for you.

Board of Advisors Placement
Co-Founder Matchmaking
Executive Recruitment and Outsourcing