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for legal and risk technology

  • experience: decades of experience across the team
  • vision: globally-recognized thought leaders in #legaltech and risk
  • breadth: strategy, technology, business, and operations
  • flexibility: not a traditional venture LP

Advisory Services

It's a long way from vision to execution. Our team of advisors can help you navigate a course.


Most things in life aren't free, businesses included. If you need a partner to grow, we can provide capital or help you find it.


Many early-stage ideas rely on a special type of input - data. We can provide data or data services under flexible arrangements; build now, pay later.


You may need to develop software, but do you need to employ software developers? We can build your MVP or augment your team with flexible, experienced technology professionals.

Founder Matchmaking

Choosing your co-founders can be the most important decision you make. Our network spans the globe, ranging from students to senior statesmen.

Executive Recruiting and Board Placement

Every successful business has to grow up eventually. When you're ready to fill your board or hire an executive team, we can help.

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